With recent worldwide terrorist attacks, threats and scares rattling the world and spreading fear, Muslim women have been in the forefront of retaliated hatred. The negativity towards women of Islam has incited a need for resources and support to help advise them when dealing with situations arising from Islamophobia. Nawjawanane Ali Akber is hosting a program to help provide this support and give women effective tips and resources to manage these encounters.

The program will include guest speakers to discuss Islamophobia and current events, guidelines from law enforcement professionals on how to diffuse a situation and report an incident properly, and tips from certified self-defense instructors on how to defend themselves in the event of an attack.

Below is a brief summary about the program, which is divided into four sessions covering the following areas:

Rising Islamophobia
Speaker Zehra Naqvi is an attorney, community organizer, writer and public speaker. She has collaborated with many organizations on interfaith, intrafaith and minority-focused initiatives.

Reporting Hate
Speaker Ehsan Chowdhry is an Assistant Ocean County prosecutor in Ocean County New Jersey.

Defending Yourself
Speaker Khadi Madama-Baakrime is an experienced and accomplished Martial Arts expert with 25 years of experience teaching self-defense techniques to women.

Mobilizing Against Islamophobia
Speaker Darakshan Raja is a community organizer focused on addressing state and gender-based violence, while supporting the local social movements in the Washington D.C. area.

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