NJAA LogoAnjumane Nawjawanane Ali Akber (NJAA) was established in 1990 under the supervision of the Late Syed Mohammed Ali Rizvi (aka ‘Sachay Bhai’). It’s original members were the youth that volunteered at Mehfil-e-Shah-e-Khorasan in Englewood, NJ, USA. When ‘Sachay Bhai’ visited Mehfil-e-Shah-e-Khorasan and saw the unity amongst the youth he immediately advised that the formation of an Anjuman would further unite the youth and the community as a whole. With the counsel of ‘Sachay Bhai’, Syed Ehtesham Naqvi sought out the support of individuals that saw the vision as ‘Sachay Bhai’ and himself did. After an effortless recruitment of supporters, Syed Ehtesham Naqvi along with Syed Muneer Husain founded Anjumane Nawjawanane Ali Akber. It was at this point that ‘Sachay Bhai’ along with the Anjuman’s Sahebe Biaz, Syed Zaigham Ahsan Naqvi created the now famous sada:

njaa_title1Nawjawanane Ali Akber Hain | Hum Fida, Yanay Ali Akber Hain

After having formed the Anjuman, the founding members, along with ‘Sachay Bhai’, began the preparations for what would be the first Shab Bedari in the United States of America. Over the years, the event received and continues to receive the support and participation of world renown Noha Khwans such as (but not limited to):

  • Syed Mohammed Ali Rizvi ‘Sachey’ (Marhoom)
  • Syed Ali Zia Rizvi
  • Nazim Hussain (Marhoom)
  • Afaq Hussain
  • Abrar Husain
  • Mukhtar Husain Fatehpuri
  • Mir Hasan Mir
  • Shahid Baltistani
  • Ali Safder
  • Ghulam Ali Khan (Marhoom) (Shabab-ul-Momineen | Nasir Asgher Party)

In recent years, the Anjuman, with a rejuvenated core of members, has set out to expand its reach and now identifies itself as an organization which promotes Azadari and Community based programs.

Mission Statement

“An organization which promotes Islam within North America by organizing traditional Shia cultural events. In addition, promote a unified muslim front by raising awareness within the community and advocating for the muslim cause.”